Leisure Security Consultants had built a strong reputation with the club and entertainment scene for effective yet discreet door guarding. The company recognised that the jump to PLC status required a commensurate jump in quality for their visual identity and promotional material.

Stage one involved moving their LSC logo to an emblem style that integrated a knight-on-horseback image favoured by the MD. A particular part of the brief was to imply a sophisticated, almost snobbish, approach. I found that incorporating the latin for ‘experience not excuses’ achieved this aim in one stroke.

We progressed to stage two – a straightforward implementation of the logo across stationery, uniforms, brochures and flyers.

Stage three defined the need to take LeisureSec’s intracompany magazine ‘OnGuard’ to a more professional level – both in terms of content and look. OnGuard was designed to be a ‘poorly guarded secret’ in that it was expected to fall into the hands of buyers, specifiers and competitors!