From the outset ManGuard plc’s objective was to provide security personnel solutions but with a healthy employee-care slant. The owner of this company recognised that for this message to be taken seriously it was imperative to have a solid identity and a range of publications that appealed to both prospective clients and employees.

I created everything from the ground up – a corporate identity that was destined for brochures, vehicles, uniforms and advertising.

The client had no existing photography to draw upon, and stock photography was not considered appropriate. Working closely with a photographer I specified a broad range of library shots, and devised a sequence of photographs for a postcard marketing campaign.

Ongoing work was in the form regular brochure updates, print stock and supply, and agency-like support for magazine advertising and mailings.

The client…

“Time and again Ken has provided us with solid, “johnny-on-the-spot” marketing and design service. We take advantage of late minute advertising space to maximise our spend, and inevitably this requires quick thinking and action!”
Mark Higgins, Managing Director, ManGuard plc