A large ‘flagship’ project that required a prestigious premium-quality publication. The aim of the guide is not only to educate the professionals within interior fit-out companies, but also to wave a flag for the Association of Interior Specialists.

A hefty tome, with an impressive ‘desk impact’ factor, the book sets out current standards and thinking for acoustic management within buildings. My main mission was to enliven the content and present a variety of photographs and technical information in the clearest way possible.

It was so well received that in 2012 the guide became TAF Publication of the Year.

This guide led to whole sequence of fit-out publications, each becoming more complex in terms of the technical illustrations required.

The client…

“Ken was able to take the words and sketches that we gave him at the meeting, and produce what turned out to be an award-winning publication (TAF Publication of the Year 2012). The Guide to Office Acoustics has a huge technical content, yet we wanted it to be read and understood by non-technical people. Ken achieved this through clear concise and easy to understand graphics which were complimented by the creative and open style of the book.┬áIt was a pleasure to have Ken as part of the team, his ambition to help us meet all of our objectives was clear from the start.”
Joe Cilia, Technical Manager, Association of Interior Specialists