Nowadays, the term ‘infographic’ tends to be used for any piece of graphic design that has a few numbers plonked on it in large type sizes. The best infographics tend to be those that clearly illustrate underlying data. In other words – ¬†pictorial graphs, charts or diagrams where graphic frippery doesn’t overload the message. Often this means going back to the data and altering the emphasis to achieve the best end result.

However, sometimes there just isn’t time to sit around talking about data and messages. The graphic designer has to be able to process (and yes, discard) data to make a clearer image.

With this recent example for BPCA’s PPC Live event I was time-limited, but also desirous of maintaining BPCA’s house style. I estimate about 50% of the supplied data was discarded due to it either being repetitive or simply ‘off message’.