Cleaning up? Already got text? Is it out-dated, or clumsily constructed? I can restyle, reduce, rephrase, repurpose as required!

Commercial writing is all about punching through to the facts, highlighting the positives, and doing so in a way that is easy to read. Knowing which information to pull forward (and which to bury!) is an essential skill, as is the ability to engage the reader from the outset.

Writing in an appropriate style is important. A simple product mailer may be…

  • terse
  • bullet-pointed
  • impactful

…while a journal aimed at authors may suffer a soupçon of verbosity.

Humour can create a relaxed and welcoming style – do you really want your marketing material to be drier than a dead dingo? The odd playful simile makes the most technical of documents a lot more enticing.

Structure, too, is important. For instance, few people know how to write PR stories, where whole paragraphs can be cut from the bottom up without losing essential information – a vital feature for editors struggling for space, with looming deadlines.

All of this conspires to make your communication a keeper rather than landfill.

I can create copy for…

  • brochures
  • newsletter or magazines
  • websites
  • product sheets
  • advertisements

…in fact any application where words are required to do a job!

The client…

“The success of the new brochure is down to the fact that you strive to understand our core business and goals. You took time to question us closely, and provided the best product descriptions we’ve ever had!”
Caroline Hodges, Marketing Manager, Chimaera UK Limited