Is your presentation stale? Too many contributors over the years? Lost its focus? Badly formatted? I can pull it back into shape.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has become a replacement term for “presentation”, in much the same way that Hoover interchanges with vacuum-cleaner. There’s no denying that in its most recent incarnation it’s a powerful business tool.

I’ve been dealing with PowerPoint since its inception in 1990, becoming qualified in the mid-90s as a Microsoft Presentation Centre Expert. I can create presentations from scratch, eschewing the standard templates to tailor schemes to suit your corporate identity. I also bring to bear my language skills, so I can streamline and tweak any content you supply – ensuring that when you present in front of 5 or 500 people your delivery is aided by a presentation that is audience-friendly, punchy and highlights your USPs.

Simplicity is key – overloading a presentation with information is the surest way to lose the audience. It follows that any graphic scheme employed should be equally as simple as the content – too much bling is a bad thing! Moreover, the content should not be a copy of the presenter’s script. It should be a summarised version complete with pictures and diagrams that support the speaker’s words.

Too often PowerPoint files are created that fail to use the built-in easy formatting controls; become unwieldy and large; or worse of all, lose all corporate identity – I can spend from just a few hours upwards pulling things back into shape. You’ll get back a file that will be much easier to use and deploy.

Not sure? Simply zap your current PPT file to me as an email and I’ll give you a frank opinion on it, and suggest improvements if I can – complete with a time and cost estimate if applicable. Need something creating from the ground up? Call me in – we’ll discuss your immediate and future presentation requirements and organise a package appropriate to your mission.

The client…

“Our business involves taking the complex subject of transport legislation and presenting it in an easily digested form. Ken has created animated PowerPoint images which present technical accuracy and a wry sense of humour. The package has been a big success with our clients.”
Richard Juby, Managing Director, EOS Training Limited