With 25 years of experience to draw upon, I provide a total service to many clients: design, procurement, copy writing etc.

I practise multi-disciplinary graphic design to service B2B marketing professionals in the West Midlands of the UK, and sometimes beyond.

I deal with graphic makeovers, and execute these across most media. Indeed, for many of my clients I am Keeper of the Faith with regard to the application of their graphic styles – a resource to turn to when brochures need creating, websites need direction or advertisements need to sell.

My working philosophy is summed up by three simple points. In all dealings I endeavour to…

  • be honest
  • be approachable
  • empathise with the client’s commercial aims.

Dialogue is encouraged: I won’t just take instructions from you – I’ll give you a frank opinion and together we’ll hone the brief to suit the objectives.

My graphic design style is simple and effective. In essence I aim for a look that will entice but not for its own sake. The styling should be transparent to the message and content.

I take the pragmatic view – I never oversell the solution, and suggest only the relevant design services to achieve the maximum benefit.