Behind the scenes

“It can be difficult to explain the work that goes into graphic design. Graphic designs can look simple but the hours and research that are involved in the process can be challenging and time consuming.”


And that’s an important take-home point for anyone dealing with professional graphic designers: just because you can’t see the working doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done.

If a graphic designer is doing his or her best for the client then a lot of self-editing (agonising instrospection and nail-biting) has taken place. Do you really want to see all the iterations of your logo / letterhead / poster / brochure that have been discarded in favour of more elegant solutions? Do you have the time to agonise over what might have been? I say not.

A fair example would be this: if I’m asked to present three or four logo ideas there’s a really good chance that I’ve discarded around ten times that in half-formed ideas. They’ve been ditched for a reason, and that reason is they’ve not met my threshold of acceptance. This is where trust enters the equation. The client has to trust that I’ve got enough professionalism and experience to know a good idea from a bad one. The client has to trust that I’ve got enough knowledge to understand their business and its objectives. I’m not only paid to be a graphic technician but also an arbiter of style.

The headline quote is taken from 5 things to know about: Graphic designers – an insightful piece albeit focusing on rather more youthful graphic designers than myself.