LinkedIn is starting to feel right

Finally, for me anyway, it feels like LinkedIn has the correct ‘atmosphere’ for business engagement. As a social media channel it’s always focused on business networking, but it has evolved to the point where it successfully blends the streaming benefits of Twitter, Facebook et al with it’s heretofore ‘online CV’ presentation. I assume it’s been like this for a while now, but I also detect it’s still evolving.

Importantly, the flippancy evident in other social media platforms is largely avoided. LinkedIn is the place to go to within business hours.

Some folk persist in missing the point about social media though. The first rule of engagement is, surely, engagement! We’ve all seen Twitter accounts that are simply a stream of links to the owner’s content with no effort to communicate with followers – well, the LinkedIn equivalent is to invite connections and then immediately fire off a personal marketing message. (Culprit – consider thyself disconnected!)

Damn it, that’s just plain rude ;)

It strikes me that people who request connections then immediately send a marketing message have missed the point of social media engagement. LinkedIn may be at the business end of social media, so there’s more acceptance of commercial networking, but there should be a respectful courtship period – y’know, where at least you’ve shown some effort at communication. Good manners?

Having said that, ahem, I’ll definitely be touting for business in a more direct way shortly, once I work out my approach. In the first instance I’ve tried to use LinkedInĀ a wee bit more. In the second instance I’ve brushed up my website a little. Thirdly, I’ll approach connections that I’ve had some real connection with in the past. Seems only fair.