I’m your huckleberry.


I’m reaching out to the world at large to drum up some regular project work, however small or low-key. Perhaps you or someone you know may have use for my services?

I’ll be honest: over the past few years I’ve become a carer for my parents and have had little time to market myself. I need to replace projects lost by natural attrition. The upside for any new work is that I’m not at capacity and my attention will be undivided, not that a low level of customer service has ever been an issue – see here ;)

What do I do?

1. Design for print – I specialise in newsletter/magazine production including project management, copy editing and publishing via online ‘flipping page’ ( ).
2. Interior or location photography – including professional processing of images, not just pics dumped to a CD.
3. Regular social media engagement – ‘ghosting’ of your presence via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. tied into periodic blog writing.

There are three prongs: graphic design, photography and writing. They appear disparate but all rely on my technical bent and attention to detail.

The work demonstrated here is my bread and butter, and I would appreciate more of the same.

Let me know if we can chat, otherwise please remember me if someone in your business network requires help.