Remember, remember…the British Cartoon Archive?


According to the BCA’s website…

The British Cartoon Archive is getting a major facelift!
Visit us at after 5 November 2008 to use our new, updated website.

A grant by the Joint Information Systems Committee is not only enabling the BCA to digitise the Carl Giles archive, the single most important archive of British newspaper cartoons, and a key resource for British political and social history, but it is also giving the BCA the opportunity to update its website to significantly increase its accessibility, usability and teaching-related resources.

All the existing content will be moved to and will be available when the site is launched in November 2008. In addition, Over 12,000 new images from the Giles archive will also be available on the new site with more material and functionality being added in the months following the launch.

The existing database will remain for the time being, although content will not be updated after the end of October 2008.